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LED Tote Boards

Whether you want to refurbish an existing board, require an all new tote board, or simply want to update your displays, RSI has the equipment and expertise required.


RSI  has designed and manufactures specialized LED display equipment.  We also create the interface software in house, giving us complete control of the technologies offered.

We offer LED modules in 7-segment and a 6x8 Matrix format for messaging.  Red and Amber are traditional, but other colors are available.

Video Displays can be incorporated into any design, and  will display the live production feed as well as information to the public and advertising.  Our video boards are Full Color however we also offer single, double and three color displays.

All RSI tote boards can be operated using wireless communications. Our LED Video Boards  do however require fiber.


Retrofit Displays

We manufacture our own 15" LED displays sized to fit the existing openings in most tote boards.  We can remove your old displays and quickly install ours with little or no modifications.  This, new paint and vinyl lettering will not only update your look, but will also save you money in operation and maintenance costs.


To save costs, it is possible to remove the exising face of your tote board and construct a new face with openings for the RSI aluminum frames with displays.  This will allow an all new layout with additional features. 


New Construction

RSI can construct a new traditional style tote board per your design which allows easy service and also provides storage.  We also offer alluminum cabinets that mount to steel posts, eliminating the foundation and building.

Powder coated, welded aluminum frames.

Tote Board Brochure


Odds Board Brochure



Other RSI Boards

We offer Tote Boards using 7" LED Displays.  This is for smaller tracks where the viewing distance is less than 300'.  These self contained boards are mounted to steel posts.

A new product we now offer is the miniature tote board.  Using 2.5" displays, we display all of the information found on the infield board.  For indoor use only.

Odds Boards are available for indoor and outdoor use.  They are available using 7" or 15" diaplays.   This model includes a results section, and was installed up the stretch for over-capasity viewing.

Our Paddock Odds Board displays can be built in existing structers as shown here, or mounted on a wall or pole.

This indoor model includes Race Number, MTP and Results as well as the 16 runner odds.

Wireless operation means only one 20amp AC circuit is required for opertion.

Free design and layout assistance.

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