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Color Photo Finish

We have been producing photo finish images for over thirty years.  Of course in the beginning, we manufactured film type cameras which required a dark room.  Those days are gone, but we are still here providing complete photo finish systems to the pari-mutuel industry, and tracks around the world.

In the world of parimutuel racing there is no room for error.  We choose to use FinishLynx products in our systems.  Simply because they are the best.  Lynx products are designed and built in the US to ensure the highest standards of system design, quality and reliability.  They are easy to use and unfailingly accurate.

Each photofinish image produces a time-index-code; they cannot be opened or manipulated in any compuer graphics program.  With the integrated backup function, images and data can be written automatically to an archive disk for later examination

Results in seconds.  Instantaneous transfer of images and data to Judges, to Television, to the Internet and to scoreboards.  Reducing the time taken to produce official results means keeping the demanding schedules involved with simulcasting, and leaves more time for the placing of bets.

Photo Brochure


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