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RSI Timing Systems

Extremely accurate, modern Timing Systems made by RSI.

  • Fully Automatic Timing
  • Computer and PLC Controlled Operators Interface
  • Operator friendly software
  • 1ppm oscilator allows for the exceptional system accuracy
  • Full printed reports provided for all racing events.
  • Hard drive backup of all race times.
  • System status and event logs saved on hard drive
  • Race times to television options
  • Photo start options
  • Wireless Gate Start options
  • MTP on displays opions
  • Temperature on displays options
  • LED Timing Displays
  • LED Field Indicators with spill lights
  • Wireless display options
  • Sunlight Immune Sensors with 900' operating range
  • False trip / Bird detection built in
  • Emergency manual trigger

Timing Brochure


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