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Wireless Cloud Based Device Control Systems

Control Multiple Devices from your smart phone, tablet or other hand held device using a custom App.

Perfect for Tracks, Casino's, Sports Bars, or your home. 

IR Control

On/Off Contact Closures

Serial Devices

Download the RSI customized application onto you smart phone or tablet and control any number of TV's, switches, or serial devices over your WiFi network .  No need to leave your station to change a channel, adjust the volume or operate any other TV function.

A small wireless box is attached to the back of any TV controlling up to three sets.  Any number of these units can be added to your network allowing full control of your entire TV system. 

You may also control lighting, motors and other devices.

This system allows multiple users from different devices, as long as the user is authorized by you.

Touch Pad with RSI Control Application

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