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The overhead and columns, that come down to the stall partitions, are made out of rectangular tubing 3" x 5" and 3/16" thick.
Cross bracing also 3" x 5" is made entirely of square or rectangular tubing (all welded).
The stall partitions are made out of 14 gauge galvanized or stainless steel.
All front and back gates are padded with belting 3/8" thick.
The stall partitions, where the horse's sides and legs might contact, are bonded with 1/8" neoprene.
The inside of the stall is all lined and very smooth; will last indefinitely; takes the least care and maintenance and cushions any shock.
The True Center Gate has manual and electrical locking systems.
The stalls are 24" wide where the horse stands and 43" above (measured center to center).
There is a 10' clearance from the ground and is transportable down the highway.
True Center Gates, if kept painted, will last indefinitely.

Starting Gates

Training Gates

Gate Options

Wireless Gate Start



Wireless Gate Start System

Used for Quarter-Horse racing, this system provides a wireless start signal to the timing and photo finish systems.

The system includes two separate radio sets with multiple hopping frequencies to ensure worry free operation.

This equipment operates on the 12vdc power provided by the gate, or by a separate battery.  A solar charging system is also available.

The gate switches are used, or RSI can install new micro-switches on the gates to obtain the starting pulse.

So no need for cables to the press box, install our wireless gate system on all your gates..

Wireless Gate Load System

Using the same technology, RSI can install sensors that indicate both the front and rear doors have been closed, and the horse is loaded.  This information is sent to the graphics system, allowing  visual aid to the announcer, judges and patrons.

This unique system is an example of  ideas brought to life by RSI. 

If you have an idea of a usefull system, let us know.  It could be yours free.

Graphics interface with RSI package, or through current graphics vendor.  Input date from RSI.

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