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RSI Backpack Billboards

The RSI BACKPACK ADVERTISING BILLBOARD is a perfect fit for any high-traffic event such as fairs, festivals, trade shows, car shows, balloon fests, fundraisers, sporting events, malls, or anywhere you want your message seen – guaranteed!


Our new backpack billboard offers your group or organization a great way to generate additional revenue - at no cost - through paid advertisements from local vendors, exhibitors, businesses and sponsors we find to promote their goods and/or services on the back of our display unit during the day(s) your event takes place.


Hurry!  Bookings for 2013 are filling up fast so why not call and join the rest of the pack and reserve our highly-popular RSI BACKBACK BILLBOARD today!



·      Indoor & outdoor visible screens

·      Backpack with front or rear mount

·      Update media with SIM-Card

·      Lockable SIM-Card prevents theft

·      Remote Media Updates over Wi-Fi

·      Onboard Computer/Ad creation software

·      Stereo Speakers

·      Auto cycling of advertisements

·      Scrolling Messages

·      4-8 hour battery life

·      Battery quick charging

·      Additional batteries available

·      Adjustable brightness

·      Bluetooth Proximity Advertising

·      FM Radio Proximity Advertising

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