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A Revolutionary Indoor Air Purification System

This completely safe all natural liquid formula, when emitted into the air as a molecular mist, binds to the byproducts of smoking and other contaminants and breaks them apart, thus removing the particles from the air.

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Secondhand smoke raises the stakes in America's casinos -

Stanford and Tufts universities

Our client's employee's benefit immensely from our Indoor Air technology as there is a decrease in allergy medication needed, decrease in employee absenteeism due to sickness, increased energy levels, decrease in asthma conditions, and decrease in dry cleaning bills. MTI conserves the use of energy & natural resources by minimizing the amount of electricity and natural gas consumed in order to control Indoor Air Quality, via roof top exhaust and air exchange; resulting in a decrease in wear and tear on existing H.V.A.C. systems. MTI creates a clean indoor air environment that mimics the naturally cleaning atmoshphere of a rainforest, via a proprietary & natural formula, as well as a patent pending MTI product delivery device & air quality monitoring device. Through the implementation of MTI, our client's are able to eliminate all other secondhand smoke control systems, resulting in significant savings.

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Let Moleculair Technologies help you take the smoke out of your casino and save you money!

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